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The Internet TV industry consists of both large and small players. There are companies who set up online tv for other companies' websites and others who provide it directly to consumers. As more innovative ways of watching TV are being created, increasing costs are becomming burdensome to the participants within the industry. Here we look at what the costs and benefits are to the companies that provide the services and the consumers enjoying the show…

  • The COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES within the internet television industry
  • The MARKETING STRATEGIES of companies within the internet television industry include email distributions which specific information is obtained during a registration process on each website. Specific research is obtained during this process from the marketer to include but not limited to; Age,Gender,Location,Email,Interest, etc. Another popular form of marketing is advertising with banner ads which are placed strategically to have potential viewers click on the banner and it will take them to a viewing area or another website. In addition, at the conclusion or intermission of a television show, advertisements are posted to encourage viewers to continue watching on the internet in which the viewer has control of which episode of their favorite program they watch.

Internet television is a business with its eye on the future. It continues to grow and develop in various areas of the market regionally and around the world in its methods of distribution, types of technology offered, and in an increase of broadcasting networks. New types of entertainment are emerging onto the internet or mobile TV including sports, kids channels, reality tv, and international programming. In this section of future development, information touches upon what companies exist currently yet more importantly focuses on what’s to come in the rapidly changing world of internet television.

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